The Chamber

The Simcoe and District Chamber of Commerce has been proudly serving the Norfolk County region since 1888, providing business support and community outreach for over 130 years. The Chamber functions with two main goals in mind: Promoting the community’s economy and creating an atmosphere that is conducive to strong, thriving businesses.​

The Town of Simcoe

The community of Simcoe was named for Lieutenant Governor John Graves Simcoe, who visited the area in 1795. A community of significant importance as a seat under the county system of government, and has the site of the district courthouse, Simcoe eventually became the largest urban centre in Norfolk County.

Simcoe is also home to a lush park system, many heritage sites, a full-service hospital, a daily newspaper, and local radio station. Simcoe continues to actively encourage new development in all sectors, while supporting existing industry and business.

Norfolk County

Norfolk County was founded as a constituency in 1792. By 1798 Norfolk entered the London District until 1837, separating to form the Talbot district. The abolishment of the district in 1850 led to its municipal replacement with Norfolk County.

Norfolk County has been long known for its agricultural influence, being a major producer of fruit in the early 20th century before adapting to the success of tobacco.

Tourism has likewise been a pivotal sector of Norfolk, largely due to the proximity of many townships along the coast of Lake Erie and Biosphere reserve of Long Point.